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Jorien Luijkx

Assistant professor
University of Groningen

What is your role within the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD?
I am an assistant professor at the Department of Special Needs Education of the University of Groningen. My focus as a researcher at the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD is the quality of life of the parents and siblings of people with PIMD.

What do you hope to achieve?

My aim is to raise awareness of – and recognition for – the vital and intensive role that parents and siblings play in the life of a person with severe multiple disabilities. The purpose of my research is to gain an understanding of the quality of life of these relatives and what it means to be the parent or sibling of a person with PIMD. The clearer our understanding of, say, which factors have a positive or negative influence on the wellbeing of parents, the better the support provided by professionals and carers can be tailored to their needs and wishes.

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