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Wieneke Huls

Scientist Practitioner
Koninklijke Visio

What is your role within the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD?

At the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD, I hope to conduct research in the context of the ‘Talk with your eyes 2.0’ (Sprekende ogen 2.0) project, which centres around the use of eye-controlled devices by people with multiple complex disabilities and impaired vision. As an ergotherapist within the MDVI team at Koninklijke Visio, I spend much of my time working with people with multiple disabilities and impaired vision. My focus in this work is on creating the most stimulating environment possible for everybody in the target group.

What do you hope to achieve?

My goal is to optimise participation opportunities for people with severe multiple disabilities by adapting their environment in such a way that they can express themselves as fully as possible when they communicate or participate in activities.

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