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Nicole Luitwieler

Physiotherapist, hands-on expert and PhD student
Hanze University of Applied Sciences

What is your role within the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD?

I am a PhD student affiliated to the Stronger Together (Samen Sterker) research project, which is a collaborative venture between the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw). The aim of the project is to improve the resilience and wellbeing of families with a child (aged 0-30) with PIMD.

What do you hope to achieve?

My goal is to increase insight into the factors that influence the wellbeing of families with a child with PIMD in order to improve the support offered to these families. I also hope to help make this a project in which scientists and those with practical knowledge gained from day-to-day involvement can work together as equals.

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