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Minke de Vries

Academic Collaborative Centre

What is your role within the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD?

I work as a student assistant at the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD (ACC-PIMD), supporting the researchers in a number of different projects. One example was the project ‘Co-piloting with the family’ (Copiloten naast het gezin). I also helped with one of the literature reviews. I am currently working on the final phase of my Master’s degree programme on the Sociology of Health, Welfare and Care at the University of Groningen. The ACC-PIMD is the perfect place for me to gain hands-on research experience. My work here is enjoyable and highly diverse!

What do you hope to achieve?

I hope that the support I give to the researchers will help them to make an even better contribution to improving the quality of life of children and adults with severe multiple disabilities.

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