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Gerdine Douma

Senior researcher
University of Groningen

What is your role within the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD?

I am a senior researcher at the Academic Collaborative Centre related to people with PIMD (ACC-PIMD). I am involved in a number of different projects, together with colleagues. One of them entails compiling a knowledge agenda with questions from healthcare professionals about supporting people with PIMD. In another project, we are researching how SNOEZELENis being used around the world.

What do you hope to achieve?

I hope to make a positive contribution to people with PIMD and their loved ones. The ACC-PIMD’s prioritisation of a close collaboration between science and practice makes it an excellent context in which to work towards achieving my goal. These strong ties make it relatively easy for us to tailor our research to questions from practice and to ensure that the results of our research are implemented into practice.

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