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Snoezelen survey study

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What does an appropriate and effective snoezelen approach for persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) look like? We have started a project to find an answer to this question. Through the use of a questionnaire we would like to gain insight into the application of snoezelen in persons with PIMD.

Survey study - English

Information targetgroup Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD): 

Factsheet - Information target group - English

Information research - English:

Factsheet - Information research - English

Directly to Snoezelen questionnaire:

Snoezelen Questionnaire

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Survey study - Deutsche 

Informationen Untersuchung:

Factsheet - Informationen Untersuchung - Deutsch

Informationen Zielgruppe:

Factsheet - Informationen Zielgruppe - Deutsch

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Fragenbogen Snoezelen 


Survey study - Espanol

Información investigación:

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Cuestionario snoezelen

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Survey study - Nederlands

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Factsheet informatie doelgroep

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Vragenlijst snoezelen

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About Gemma Testerink

I am a scientist practitioner within the Academic Collaborative Center PIMD related to people with PIMD. I work part-time as a researcher and part-time as an occupational therapist at ’s Heeren Loo. Together with Gerdine Douma and Annet ten Brug, I am conducting research into the effects of snoezelen. Snoezelen is often used in practice, but little is known about its effects.   

I hope to help develop an effective and practical form of snoezelen that can be offered to people with PIMD. I am committed to conducting research into activities and environments that will offer people with PIMD the opportunity to experience new things, to learn and to have fun.