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A hidden problem

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Constipation is a common somatic problem among people with PIMD but, at present, it is extremely difficult for healthcare professionals to make an accurate diagnosis. People with PIMD are not able to clearly communicate what they are feeling and the criteria currently in use have not been adapted for people with PIMD. The first research step is to formulate an interim working definition based on a systematic review of the literature. In the second research phase, a consensus definition will be established, using the feedback provided by a Delphi panel of experts.

Benefits for practice

The aim is to make it possible to detect and diagnose constipation in people with PIMD sooner and more accurately and then to provide the most appropriate treatment for the individual concerned.  

Call for Delphi panel participants

Marjolijn Wagenaar is looking for parents and healthcare professionals who are willing to participate in the next phase of the ‘Obstructions in communication’ research project on constipation among people with PIMD. Information will be gathered using the Delphi method. This means that participants will be sent a digital questionnaire comprising open questions, with space to enter additional comments. If you would like to help, please sign up by sending an email to Marjolijn Wagenaar.